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Well I admit it this title is a bit racy and P*** a clique!

However, I would like to share my vision with you.

If you have a business via Facebook you may have to worry!


Many people were looking forward to the release of this law to attack the web giants.

It would not be surprising to see thousands of complaints against them in the coming days and weeks.

It must be said that when it comes to data collection, Google and Facebook don't go easy 😂

This could represent 4% of their turnover!

I let you imagine the amount of the fines.

Of course, these are giants with an army of lawyers and they will not let it happen.

The common problem, the business model

On the other hand, the business model of these two giants is based on advertising and this is what is going to be a problem.

To provide advertisers with reliable targeting, they need to collect a lot of data!

So if the law is applied to the letter, they should abandon advertising and switch to paid subscriptions. So it's not even possible because it's too late.

In addition, we know very well that the law will not be applied to the letter on these giants (just on the small ones) but imagine if that happened?

Facebook and Google should do without Europe?

Not even in dreams!

Now you are saying that I am in a paranoid and conspiracy delusion 😂

Not so much!

It is indeed conceivable that they would decide to leave Europe if the law were really applied.

That would solve the problem quickly...

Obviously, I don't really mean what I write, but it's something to ponder, as they say.

And we know very well that with all the money and the lawyers they have they will be able to drag things out.

It smells like change

Everything I say is fiction, but other things will change for sure!

For example, on the day of the RGPD I could see a sharp drop in cryptomoney! Coincidence?

Twitter's biggest have lost thousands of followers.

From now on, you must be over 16 years old to register on Twitter or have a parental authorization.

In short!

We can clearly feel the tide turning at the moment and a lot of things are going to happen.

You may have noticed that you are getting a lot of emails from people who want to be RGPD compliant.

So everyone is updating their T&Cs and privacy policies.

A turning point in the web?

I do think so.

And change means new opportunities!

In fact, I personally love change.

It must be said that in the last few years it was a bit of a party on the web where you could do anything and everything.

This big kick in the pants will certainly make it possible to do things more cleanly.

For the smartest and those who will have known to take the turn and adapt, there will be opportunities galore!

What do you think?

Do you like change?

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