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Become an Airbnb host is as much a human adventure and a very satisfying job as it is a way to make a lot of money with real estate.
I started with my primary residence for a summer to see what it could do.
Quite frankly I was really surprised at the reservation rate I got.
But above all, the income I could receive was two to three times higher than the amount of the mortgage I had to pay back every month.
So I immediately thought that renting on Airbnb and becoming a host was a good plan that absolutely had to be duplicated on other apartments.
So I went for a cheap apartment to renovate.
By putting together a good banking file it is very simple to obtain a real estate loan for rental investment.
So I had this first apartment fully financed by the bank. When I say entirely, I didn't pay a cent.
The bank financed: the property, the notary fees, as well as the works.

After renting out my main residence during the summer, I came to the conclusion that it was a sustainable business that could allow me to build up a property portfolio easily and therefore an excellent long-term asset.
I quickly became a super host, it's a kind of award that Airbnb gives to the best short term renters.

Become an airbnb host

Registration airbnb host, airbnb host connection

To register on Airbnb it is really very simple you will just have to click on the link below to start renting your property. By going through this link you will receive a 9€ bonus which will be paid to you after your first booking 😉


You will need to provide a number of documents such as your ID, a phone number and of course an address.
Now it's time to set up the product sheet of your apartment.
Keep in mind that there is one very important point here: it has to sell!

Registration airbnb host

Thus you will have to provide very bright photos to highlight all aspects of your apartment.
Airbnb attaches particular importance to ensuring that the property you rent is impeccable so that users, both Airbnb travelers, have the best possible experience.
It is therefore very important to have excellent ratings and feedback from the people you have hosted.
Your Airbnb listing could be deactivated at first temporarily and then permanently if the bad reviews accumulate.


How to declare airbnb income, airbnb taxes

Declaring Airbnb income is extremely simple.
At first you will have to declare your activity on Infograft within 15 days of starting the activity.
You will therefore need to obtain a Siret number that will allow you to declare the income received with Airbnb.
It is really important to consult a specialized accountant and a real estate broker in order to make the best possible arrangements in terms of taxation.

This is the time to surround yourself with the right people because taxation and financing a real estate project are real jobs.
I advise you not to use an accountant because with a Siret number you would be obliged to provide a balance sheet to the French administration.
And in this case, an accountant is mandatory.
You will become a non-professional furnished renter and you will declare your income in the simplified real and free of tax basis, who better than an accountant to assist you in this task.

Airbnb tourist tax

the tourist tax is paid by Airbnb directly to the city hall of your city.
On the other hand, when you start renting your property on Airbnb on a recurring basis, you must declare the change of use of your apartment to the city hall's tourist tax department.
It is important to do so to avoid problems in case of an inspection.

How to rent on airbnb

If you are looking for information on how to rent on Airbnb, simply register by clicking below:

Then, it is really simple to create your Airbnb ad by respecting some rules.
You will need to provide excellent photos and use a photographer to ensure that the initial preview is flawless.
Then, you will have to fill in absolutely all the information requested by Airbnb.
The more complete your listing is, the better it will appear in the Airbnb search results and the more bookings you will get.
It is also important to translate your ad into English to reach the maximum number of people.

Abritel or airbnb

Abritel can be an alternative to Airbnb when you want to rent a complete villa during the summer.
On the other hand, you will prefer Airbnb if you are simply renting apartments.
For my apartments, I only use Airbnb and business is very good all year round.

Airbnb when you are a tenant

You cannot rent your apartment on Airbnb when you are a tenant.
The only condition that would allow you to do this is a written agreement between you and the landlord.
Only the owner of the apartment can give you permission.

Contact airbnb Rbnb

At any time during your next reservations you can contact Airbnb to ask for their opinion on a profile or simply if you need to be reassured about the person who is going to come and rent your accommodation.
The service is really responsive and accessible within minutes.
You'll get specific advice that will help you make the right decisions every time.

Airbnb deposit

The deposit Airbnb allows you to protect yourself in case of breakage or damage by a tenant.
In general, I put a deposit of 500 € per apartment in case there is a problem.
So far I have only had minor problems that have not required the use of the deposit.
However, you should know that you are protected by Airbnb's insurance, which is very effective.

Concierge service airbnb

When you start to have several apartments it quickly becomes unmanageable to make entries and exits of your Airbnb apartments by yourself.
This is a waste of time, as Airbnb concierge services can help you and allow you to delegate all these tasks.
I have had several experiences with Airbnb concierge services, more or less good, but I still advise to try this service.
Indeed, the commission you leave may seem substantial but the time saving is real and in most cases you remain very profitable.
However, the best solution is your network and trusted people to whom you can delegate these tasks of welcoming people and checking the apartments while cleaning.

House Swap airbnb

Renting your house or apartment when you go on vacation is a really good idea.
These really are a great way to finance your vacation and enjoy it even more.
Imagine doubling your vacation budget just by renting out your house or apartment when you are away.
Once again this application allows you to really round off your income or to make a real business out of it and earn a lot of money with the vacation rentals in Montpellier especially in the south of France.

BONUS OF 9€ ! 

Don't hesitate to start renting your property by clicking below:


House Swap airbnb airbnb listing

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