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There are only 34 days left until today, Monday, January 31, 2022, to participate in the ICO of the Cryptocurrency of the Famous Jacquie et Michel in the French porn industry, the Jimizz $JMZ!

You know the famous phrase?

Thanks to whom?

Jacquie and Michel !!! 

I don't know if you're familiar with the porn industry, but they're usually trailblazers in all areas.

For your information, the sex industry is 50 billions per year, they produce 20 times more movies than Hollywood but above all it's a monstrous industry on the internet because 35% of the web downloads are X and 25% of the searches on the search engines are searches associated to porn...

So yes Jacquie et Michel, leader of the X in France, launches a whole porn universe around the Crypto, the project is ambitious because they attack all the fronts.

They want to revolutionize the X sector by proposing new functions so that it benefits the consumer, the creators and the investors. A kind of virtuous circle.

So why invest in the Jimizz?

Binnn because it is when the leader of X in France and they have the means to create a totally innovative ecosystem!

Moreover, the X industry is a huge market which does not know the crisis...

7 great projects around the Jimizz $JMZ the new Jacquie et Michel crypto

We can really say that they do not lack ideas and innovation because of the fundamental level it still holds the road well!

Booklet X

You can sort of stack your WWD on a kind of booklet that will generate interest.

Jacquie et Michel J&M Ecosystem

The JMZ will be used to buy content on all J&M websites, this one will allow you to have discounts and especially exclusive content! So basically the consumers of X on Jacquie & Michel will have discounts by using the token.

J&M's NFT MarketPlace

Just like Pokmi, which has already been a great success since its launch, there is also an entire Adult NFT Marketplace. Thus, the JMZ will be the exchange currency to place bids and buy NFT.

The 69 Club

J&M is definitely not short of humor. All NFT owners will receive even more discounts on all services and content.

K-Hard Game

This will be a kind of game to collect model cards that will allow access to custom content.


There is also a crowdfunding part which allows creators to finance their projects via the community.


To tell you how ambitious the project is, they even plan a J&M Universe in the Metaverse... So the websites on a huge virtual place under anonymity...

How much does the Jimizz $JMZ cost?

In total, there will be 4,500,000,000 JMZ issued! (Bitcoin will reach its maximum at 21,000,000) This is an important criterion to consider and is called Max Supply.

3 options are available to you to invest in the JMZ, I present them below from the most attractive to the least attractive:

  • $0.005 /To get Jimizz at this price you will have to invest between, minimum 10000$ and maximum 300000$, They will then be locked for 6 months from the distribution of the tokens.
  • $0.006 /To have Jimizz at this price you will have to invest between, minimum 5000$ and maximum 150000$, They will then be locked for 3 months from the distribution of the tokens.
  • $0.008 /JMZ, minimum investment 100$ and no max.

How to buy Jimizz $JMZ

Currently, you can buy WWDs at extremely attractive introductory prices as we are still in the introductory period (ICO)

You will be able to buy them with 3 cryptos to choose from, BNB (Binance token), BUSD (stable coin) and USDT (stable coin).

How to participate in the ICO launch of Jimizz?

If you know how to make a cryptocurrency transaction this will be a piece of cake for you and you will just have to click on the link below to win 1000 JMZ for 100$ minimum deposited!

Who is Jacquie and Michel?

The Jacquie et Michel network is huge!

  • 30 websites (25 million unique users each month!)
  • 2 magazines on sale at newsstands
  • A production label
  • A TV channel
  • 13 Stores in France
  • 1 Ecommerce

A promotion in space launch mode!

In their promotional film we can see a vibrating duck sent in orbit in space, a tanga, a movie for adults (la casa de Michel) but also their logo Jimizz!

Here are some pictures!

ico JMZ Jimizz la casa de michel in space jimizz JMZ in space jimizz sends a tanga into space ico JMZ Jimizz vibrating duck in space

So should you invest in the WWD?

The answer is up to you and as usual you have to make up your own mind because I would never give you investment advice.

However, if you think this project has a future, only invest money you are willing to lose!

My personal opinion is that there is more chance to make money on an ICO like this one considering the players behind and the flourishing industry.

So it's up to you but I'm in 😉

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