Earn money with Twitter and Facebook social networks

How to Earn Money with Twitter and Facebook Social Networks

Nowadays, social networks are an integral part of our lives… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube you could practically say it’s the internet today. The traffic there is phenomenal and so is the scope of opportunities for making money. You definitely see me coming with my big clogs! Yes! I’m going to talk to you again about ways to earn as much money as possible with affiliation in the dating industry and using social networks.

Why be an affiliate in the field of dating on social networks?

The reason will seem strange to you and will certainly surprise you. Indeed contrary to what we believe it’s really very easy to make a lot of money on the internet via social networks. The main traffic sources being Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Why is it simple? Because we know the target very well! Yes the target is men and as soon as they see a pretty girl that they will potentially be able to fuck they are ready for anything! It’s sad you say? But no! It’s a great way to make money and money doesn’t smell :p

When you have the right methods it is therefore very easy to, for example, set up a Twitter account, an Instagram account and a Facebook account of a pretty girl. If you take the test and you are a little smart you will find that a lot of men will want to follow you, follow you and ask you as friends. Then it’s a godsend, we’ll say, because once they’re hooked, they’ll click on everything you send them and that’s where affiliation comes into play in the dating field. I advise you to register via the button below to create your account on the advertising network of the domain of meeting:

register by clicking here

Once registered you have a whole bunch of programs for which you can promote, niche cougar Still works very well today and I don’t think it will ever stop! Alalaaa the famous Oedipus complexI always enjoy this one just as much and I think Freud was right and that’s why so many guys are in love with cougars… In short! I digress! Let’s get back to our business! It’s not just cougars in the dating business obviously and it will be up to you to make your choices and above all to do something that pleases you at least. a little while ago I made a video that showed how to create a Facebook page that makes money. Know that this method always works but I advise you to be gentle with the photos and above all to create a Facebook account especially for the occasion! The same goes for Twitter and Instagram.

Here is the video of an example of a page on Facebook which can be really very profitable:

Train yourself to be effective:

A little advice, however, if you embark on the adventure, you will most certainly quickly get lost and you will ask yourself a lot of questions. Personally, I made a lot of mistakes when I started and I was often not very sure of what I was doing. Then, I followed a training course that changed everything and which allowed me to really take a leap forward! This comprehensive training has really demystified all aspects of this business and especially how to become completely autonomous. The huge advantage is that it also helped me in my other e-commerce businesses because the advice is applicable to both adults and the general public! I guarantee that if you take action and you follow the advice step by step you will manage to get out every month a salary! You will find two modules there:

  • A module dedicated exclusively to Twitter, I advise you to start with Twitter in the dating field. The reason is simple: at Twitter they are very flexible with everything that concerns « Adults » unlike Facebook and Instagram where you have to be a little more subtle.

  • A Module dedicated to Facebook and Instagram, you will learn all the Sioux tricks to create a truly attractive character from A to Z, attract maximum traffic and people, effectively monetize your profiles and above all avoid being stupidly banned by applying advice from a social media pro.

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