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A good tool in the hand of a craftsman can create some truly unique things. The same goes for SEO and any other GrowthHacking techniques, which can be more effective in accomplishing tasks even faster if he has the right tools to do so. In an age where computers and electronics have less and less secrets, we know more about software and innovative solutions, it seems that choosing the right software such as Zennoposter is a good option to avoid having too many SEO tools. Every year more and more tools appear, and we don't know if it's better to trust proven programs or to take risks and choose what has just entered the market. However, I propose you to analyze precisely Zennoposter which seems to be the best alternative of all-in-one tools for almost all web tasks!

ZennoPoster - one tool, many possibilities

ZennoPoster has a lot of supporters and there are many positive opinions about it on forums and websites. The program was designed for the SEO industry and was made to make the job easier not only for professionals, but also for general users. It is considered by many as one of the best SEO tools. Here are the possibilities that ZennoPoster offers us:

  • Profile creation, i.e. registration on the pages,
  • Adding mass comments
  • Completion of questionnaires
  • Download and save any content,
  • Data processing,
  • Necessary or useful functions for marketers and SEO professionals
  • Mailing
  • Information Scrape
  • Content generation
  • Spinning

ZennoPoster interesting solutions

ProjectMaker is an extremely intuitive but complex tool for designing models. Although the model itself is an xml file, we need the ProjectMaker module to manage it easily. Its biggest advantages are the built-in debugger and the ability to record browser movement actions. The very activity of designing templates is easy and pleasant, so it can be handled by a person with little knowledge in this field. By recording the navigation on a particular page, it allows the automatic creation of a diagram with which the design is carried out.

ZennoPoster - after creating the templates in ProjectMaker, you will be able to run them, for this you will need the ZennoPoster module. This is a module that allows you to open several browser windows that are not linked to each other. It is perfect for imitating a web user. It is also an indispensable module for people with organization problems. The integrated schedule allows us to plan the actions of the templates.


What else does ZennoPoster offer us?

In addition to the core modules, which are considered mandatory, there are a few that will greatly facilitate our work and have a significant impact on the efficiency of our daily activities:

ZenBlog - is used to create blogs and web 2.0 profiles. How does it work and what are its possibilities? It registers an account on the platform, activates a link from the email if necessary, randomizes the appearance of the blog from the available skins. The resulting blogs can be easily catalogued. We set the start time for the task ourselves, which makes your work as efficient as possible.

ZenHost is responsible for the project management, as it is the case with ZenBlog. When you start ZenHost for the first time, the project list is imported from ZenBlog. Templates called as hosting services are responsible for creating free accounts on them. A launch of such a template consists in creating an account. Please note that some of these services have certain limitations, for example one account per 24 hours.

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