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Zennoposter is a revolutionary software that will allow you to automate all your tasks on the internet without any line of code. Automate your registrations in directories is a child's play with Zennoposter, create facebook, twitter, youtube accounts or any other platform you can do everything automatically.

Zennoposter is a software for creating bots for web browsers.

Basically it is possible to automate all the possible and imaginable tasks on the internet. It's very simple... you visit a site you click you type text and Zennoposter records everything to automate these tasks to infinity...

Imagine the power of the thing!

  • You can create blogs on any platform,
  • submit your site to directories,
  • post on the forums,
  • get emails (for your mailing lists),
  • scrape/retrieve google results,
  • create youtube, facebook, twitter, linkedin, viadeo accounts...
  • create artificial traffic on your site to increase its popularity,
  • As you can see, the possibilities are endless... You just need to have an idea... and
  • but nothing is impossible for Zennoposter.

The big advantage over other SEO software is that you can post in non-spammy places (I'm talking about the platforms used for senuke because everyone uses the same ones in the end)

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