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ZennoPoster - SEO Automation Tool

Do you spend too much time on monotonous and repetitive activities?

You don't have time to learn programming and you want to automate your work?

That's great because I have something for you that will solve all of these problems! The solution is ZennoLab, or ZennoPoster.

In today's article, we will only talk about the general principles of ZennoPoster, its history, its community and how it makes our work easier than traditional programming.


All ZennoPoster processes are based on the C# language, which means that people who are well versed in this programming language can benefit from a wider range of possibilities offered by the platform. However, knowledge of programming languages is not necessary to create interesting solutions and automate repetitive operations. Currently, ZennoPoster is in version 5.17, which was released on 13.04.2018. This is the result of a lot of technical and visual work, and you can also see that the tool has come a long way since its first release. ZennoPoster is not very well known in France, but it is interesting to note that it has more than 10,000 customers from 88 different countries around the world.


This is a great advantage of using ZennoLab, as many SEO tools should follow the example of the wider community. We have an extensive knowledge base in Russian and English, which can be found at http://zennolab.com/wiki/en:about. Most of the topics and possibilities of zennoposter are covered in the ZennoLab Wiki. However, if you need answers to a specific problem that concerns you, please visit the forum at http://zennolab.com/discussion/. There you will find a large number of threads, and you can also post your own message to get an answer within a few hours. The authors of the program carefully consider users' opinions and it is worth sending them various comments, bugs and development ideas for future versions. There is a very good chance that the feedback will be taken into account and implemented, which will help us automate our Internet activities even better.

If we still do not get a satisfactory answer, we can contact the authors directly, who will provide a full answer to the problem or redirect to the appropriate topic in the forum.


ZennoLab is not only a single software, in this case ZennoPoster to automate your online activities, but also a suite of additional tools such as:

CapMonster - a tool to solve captcha v.1 and v.2. It is characterized by high efficiency, which eliminates the need to purchase external services such as deadbycaptch, anti-captcha, rucaptcha, etc.

ZennoProxyChecker - automatically searches hundreds of thousands of proxies to find those that meet the criteria we want. This module is extremely efficient and can generate hundreds of active proxies in minutes. The advantage for us is that we do not buy external proxies, which can be expensive.

ZennoDroid - a tool to automate activities in Android.


Before you decide to buy ZennoPoster, you should download the demo version, which can be found at http://zennolab.com/en/products/zennoposter/download/ It has all the features of the paid version. The only drawback is the limited usage time and the inability to use external proxies and APIs. If you are already sure to buy a license, it is worth considering which type of license will suit you best:

Personally I would not recommend the Lite version because it only supports one thread at a time, which means it is too slow to automate online activities efficiently. Let's assume that we want to automatically generate email accounts. The average time to create an account is 2 minutes with a captcha resolution. After an hour, we will create only 30 email accounts. Now let's imagine a similar situation in the Standard package, which offers 5 threads. We will be able to create 150 email accounts per hour. In the case of the Professional version, the number of threads is limited only by the performance of our computer and the bandwidth of the Internet connection. An additional advantage of the higher versions is a faster verification of the proxy database and the possibility of installation on several computers. There is only one detail - we can have three copies installed on different computers, but only one ZennoPoster running. With the purchase, you get six months of access to the updated ZennoPoster version, after which you will need to purchase a six-month extension to the ZennoPoster version. If the current prices scare you, I advise you to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, which take place in late November. This is the best time to buy your SEO tools at much lower prices. For example, last year you could have bought ZennoPoster Professional for 297 $ instead of 397 $ (100 $ discount).


Besides ZennoPoster itself, where we run the templates we made, we also need a program where we can create and debug them. For any license purchase you will get a dedicated template creation software called Project Maker. Programming enthusiasts in C# can also use Codeeditor - it is a programming environment with the ability to record activities in a browser.


This is the key point in favor of Zennolab. Let's look at the following illustration:

We can see two modules:

Clear Cookies - a module that clears our cookies in your browser.
WWW.fr - module thanks to which we can go to a website.
With these two modules, we already have a template that goes on the designated website. It only took a few seconds. On the right side we have an equivalent, which shows what the changes in the code look like, in case we want to write such a program. As we can see a little more work.

Consider the following illustration:

We created a module that enters the page, then goes to a random item on the page and clicks to give it five stars. It took 1-2 minutes of work.

Now let's see what it looks like if we write in the traditional way:

We can see many more lines of code, and the estimated time to write this type of solution is much longer. It is worth mentioning that the more developed models have even several thousand lines of code each.

For my part I will only add that this software has totally changed my vision of the web, I now see automation absolutely everywhere 😀 Moreover the time saving that Zenno will be able to bring you is really an asset in your online business. I would add to conclude, that the learning phase may seem a bit long and if you don't speak English it may be complicated. Here again I have a solution for you, I offer you a training from A to Z, that I personally followed, which allows you to go through and exploit all the features of the software in a GrowthHacking spirit, all in French!

It's below for the training 🙂

To download the trial version:

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