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Anonymity on the internet, How to change your ip address?


You may think that by lying behind your screen you are totally incognito and your privacy is totally preserved.

You think that the private browsing of Google Chrome or Mozilla preserves your anonymity and your public ip?

Well, it's not! But then really not!

Your IP address is your digital identity and it is very easy to find someone with it.

We are permanently monitored and observed on the net. Freedom of expression? LOL it's fake!

Every site visited, every link clicked, every word typed is recorded and analyzed, and you are therefore in a way recorded, your personal data are in the public domain.

Have you noticed, for example, that Google ads are often tailored to your frequent searches? This is even more true when you connect to Gmail. Yes, Google reads your emails...


How to manage your anonymity on the internet with google?

Google cops you absolutely everywhere and knows almost everything about you (and yes it even listens to you with your cell phone in your pocket 😉 ) A solution to no longer be traced on your web searches and to use DuckDuckGo or the French Google Qwant.

What about Facebook?

La même! En pire! Facebook connaît extrêmement bien ses utilisateurs et sur la plupart des sites que vous visitez est installé ce qu’on appelle un pixel Facebook. C’est en quelque sorte un traceur qui va permettre à ceux qui utilisent la pub Facebook de vous « retargeter » vous retrouver pour vous cibler et vous mettre sous le nez des pubs…

Your ISPs (Internet Service Providers) also know everything you do on the Internet because it is through your ISP that everything passes through, absolutely everything is stored on servers.

So you leave traces everywhere with your IP address (sometimes and depending on your country you may not have access to some contents), cookies, malware, JavaScript and so on...

We can then ask ourselves how to avoid censorship and be more or less anonymous on the net. Most of the time it is totally useless, you have nothing to blame yourself for, right?

But be aware that your actions are all tracked and used for advertising purposes in the least bad case.

This said, in the context of "blackhat" or to download, watch streaming (don't do it, it's not good!), for example, it is often preferable to hide a little, if only to bypass Hadopi!!

I - Moderate case, relative anonymity, hide your ip with VPN

How to protect your anonymity on the Internet?

How to protect your anonymity on the Internet

Assuming that you are not a hacker who could be wanted by the FBI for mass CB theft on unprotected sites that you sell on Russian forums (this reminds me of a report), you will not need to do all the things listed below (I hope so).

If this is the case the lifting of anonymity will be simple for law enforcement 😉

However, you will need to be anonymous and therefore hide your ip in certain circumstances. Hadopi obliges, for P2p downloading, for example, of torrents or for streaming or simply not to be traced everywhere because you wish to remain anonymous. It is therefore possible to get around hadopi.

First of all, you have the right to anonymity, your personal information does not need to be accessible by everyone. It is therefore possible to use encryption to hide your IP address.

In the context of SEO a little bit hard and the use of all the automation tools, it is essential to hide your ip so as not to burn your home ip. I think of Xrumer and Zennoposter in particular.

Or, you can hide your ip to access contents in the USA, for example, which are not accessible with a French ip (for TV series)

On the other hand, I warn you.

On the web when you surf anonymously, it does not give you all the rights!

Don't turn into stalkers with hate speech that acts with impunity under the cover of a Pseudonym!

If you abuse it will be easy for the authorities or people stronger than you to lift the anonymity and reveal your real name!

Don't be tempted by illegal activities that could expose you to criminal sanctions.

How to hide your ip address? Internet anonymity


Well I don't recommend proxy servers, if you want to hide all your traffic. Using a proxy only is going to be just a gateway and it's easily traceable.

The best way to hide all traffic is to use a VPN (personally I use both VPN and proxy server).

A VPN will encapsulate and encrypt all internet traffic.

This means that you will be connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in which you will not only surf anonymously but also surf the internet anonymously.

The difference between a proxy and a vpn is that in VPN you are in an encrypted network (aes encryption for example), while a proxy is just a gateway between you and the Internet.

In addition, the software used must manage proxies while a vpn is all network traffic that is encrypted. In short, here is a small diagram:

When choosing a VPN, the most important thing to keep in mind if you want to remain anonymous is the log retention time (connection archives). We will therefore obviously not choose a French VPN...

Other ways to hide your ip

To continue with the anonymization you can couple the vpn to tor browser which will allow you on the one hand to access the tor network (better known as the Darknet but I think that's a misnomer) and on the other hand add a layer to the anonymity principle. Tor is mainly used to bypass restrictions in countries where there is dictatorship for example.

But be careful if you're going to use the Tor browser, it's a relatively dangerous area, the dark side of the web. So I advise you to access it with a virtual machine under linux for example. Whonix provides an excellent solution to get you started. It is the combination of several measures that will allow you to be truly anonymous on the internet.

On the other hand, a VPN is more than enough to change your IP address, go under the radar of hadopi (Torrent), bypass geographical restrictions or simply browse anonymously.

Meilleurs VPN 2023 pour cacher son ip

Best VPN to hide your ip

HIDE MY ASS (HMA) mon avis

J’ai longtemps dit que Pour moi le meilleur VPN et celui que j’utilise tous les jours est Hidemyass. Mais ca a bien changé car je trouve que beaucoup de leurs adresses Ip sont blacklisté car elles ont beaucoup trop été utilisées de manière frauduleuse ou pour du spam.

Du coup, selon mes derniers tests, je suis régulièrement bloqué sur de nombreux sites… et j’ai basculé chez NordVPN qui me semble beaucoup plus sérieux !

The anonymous vpn client allows you to connect to servers anywhere in the world.

So you can make believe that you are in Barcelona and the second after in Los Angeles, you can change your ip address and get a new one in a simple click!

NORD VPN mon avis

Another very interesting VPN is Nordvpn! Son principal avantage est que le siège est situé au Panama, ils dépendent donc de la juridiction de ce pays qui n’oblige aucunement de conserver des logs. Vous serez donc tranquille avec Nordpvpn en terme d’anonymat 😉 C’est désormais celui que j’utilise chaque jour !

Vous devez connaitre ce VPN car énormément de youtubeur comme Squeezie, Mastu, Cyprien, Norman, Amixem Michou et j’en passe… quasiment tous l’utilisent !

Nordvpn pour Netflix

En utilisant Nordpvpn vous pourrez avoir accès à des séries, des films mais surtout des animés non disponible en France ou dans d’autres pays ! C’est donc très intéressant d’utiliser ce VPN dans ce cas la si vous êtes un grand cinéphile 😉

Nordvpn pour les billets d’avion

Vous ne le savez peut-être pas mais les plateformes de réservations de billets d’avion adaptent leurs tarifs en fonction de l’endroit ou vous vous trouvez mais aussi de l’horaire à laquelle vous réservez !

Acheter votre billet d’avion avec la localisation de votre adresse ip dans le pays dans lequel vous souhaitez vous rendre pourrait bien vous faire économiser quelques centaines d’euros ! J’en ai personnellement fait l’expérience lors de mes 2 derniers voyages au Brésil, au Vietnam, à la Réunion et à l’Ile Maurice ! Alors activez votre NordVpn pour acheter vos billets d’avion !!

Another strong point is their application for all mobiles, whether it is under iOs iPhone or under android you will be able to protect your anonymity and hide your ip address even on your smartphone cell phone.

Code promo ou code de réduction NordVpn du 27 September 2023 !

En cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous vous êtes certain de pouvoir bénéficier de la meilleure promotion en cours pour NordVpn… En effet, j’ai des bots qui tournent en permanence qui me permettent de mettre à jour le lien de manière quasiment quotidienne afin d’avoir toujours le dernier code promo actif… Donc si vous voulez économiser quelques dizaines d’euros sur votre abonnement cliquez bien ci-dessous 😉

Always prefer paid VPNs, indeed as I always say, when it's free it's you the product, so avoid free Vpn and free proxy.

II - Extreme case, You want total anonymity!

I think that total anonymity is possible but then it will take a lot of effort and it means that either you are a psychopath or you are really doing ultra illegal stuff... I don't advise you to go down the illegal route because those who play it will fall one day.

I was saying that for me total anonymity is possible but it is a vigilance of every moment. Here is how I see the steps (you will think I am crazy):

  • Start by buying a new or used PC with cash and a fake name
  • Delete everything and install linux on a usb key that self-destructs when disconnected
  • Never connect this pc to the internet at home EVER!
  • Change your MAC address (physical address of the PC)
  • Set your web browser not to accept any java, script and other activeX cookies
  • Add a good list of anonymous and public proxies from as many countries as possible.
  • Use TOR for example (free)
  • Install an Openvpn VPN for example.
  • Encrypt everything that passes through your web browser with https Everywhere for example.
  • Hack into wifi terminals (not the ones next door!) but in wardriving mode installed in your car for example although it's a bit of a hint.... so put tinted windows on your car. Get the connection key and leave. Do a good twenty in different places (yes, you have to be mobile)
  • you'll need the bare minimum on the internet:
    • an email created via a wifi terminal through a vpn and proxies.
    • A little bit of Ukash money for example because you can pay in cash (send a friend to buy the prepaid card at the tobacconist's (rhoooo the bastard)
  • Once you have your email created in total anonymity, take a paying vpn service worthy of the name and which accepts payment UKASH I advise you VPN TUNNEL which does not keep connection logs.
  • Always look over your shoulder...
  • Then when you browse the net never log on to sites related to your real life, such as twitter facebook...
  • Open an anonymous bank account abroad

Anyway, I probably forgot some stuff but if you do all this and you are permanently on your guard, there is a big chance to be totally anonymous. Basically, you have to be a very sick person or do really bad things, which is probably not the case for you or for me.

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